Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Great Weekend

We had a terrific weekend. One where everything just works out great. It started on Thursday. Some friends of mine had a condo in Jeremy Ranch for the week and offered to let us use it Thursday and Friday night! What incredible friends I have!
Carson and I drove up Thursday afternoon while J was at work. We went for a lot of walks around the beautiful neighborhood. I try not to get jealous of homes I can not possibly afford at this time in my life. But wow! I would love to live up there. It was so gorgeous and quiet and Carson loved walking around.
It was actually less of a commute for J to come there after work so we had fun. We took Carson into the pool for his first time. It was a little chilly but he loved it. So far this kid has expressed no fear of anything.
On Friday, Carson and I got up and went on a long long walk. He just loves being outside and now that he can sit upright in his stroller and see everything he couldn't be more content. Then we went to the outlets. Carson made a LOT of friends at the outlets. People and kids kept coming up and talking to him, and he loved the attention.
After work, J and I played games and picked up food to go and went on another long walk. It was very relaxing.
We left Saturday morning and spent all day just hanging out and enjoying our little family. Then on Sunday it was my friend Jill's bday. I made my first layered cake. It was a delicious mess! This was quite an accomplishment for me. I am not so good at the whole Betty Crocker baking thing. I was going to start the cake before church and was all excited, only to discover that the round pans I thought I had to make the cake in were actually PIE PANS! So, I had to borrow some from a neighbor who gave me very specific instructions. The whole kitchen was a frosting disaster ever... but it was fun and could quite possibly induce a sugar coma.
We spent Sunday barbequing with Jill and Steve and playing games. Carson gave Jill lots of birthday kisses which was very sweet. I am still waiting for my kisses. Apparently, I am not high up on the priority list:)
Then yesterday we saw Justin's cousin Jessica's baby girl. She is so cute! Just 4 weeks old. We ended up going to a bbq with Tom and Liz and their 2 week old baby, Jessica and Katelyn, Nick and Essie and Andrew and Liesel, and Cam and Liz (and baby Shellum in Liz's tummy). We had a great time!
What a fabulous weekend! And I leave for Washington for a week tomorrow.... get to see my family again and go to Kristin's baby shower.