Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Get Healthy!

I am trying to focus on being happier, healthier and em...skinnier wouldn't hurt! Swimsuit season is around the corner. I don't get as scared about swimsuit season as SHORT SLEEVE season. Yuck!

I used to use a site called Recently the site became part of for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. I have only used it a few days but I am a HUGE fan.

There are a ton of weight loss, exercise tracking sights out there. This is one of the best I have seen. And it is FREE!

I thought I would share because I think most everyone can benefit. You track your food, you can save the ingredients from meals that you eat a lot to save time in tracking. You can also track all of your activities and make a weight loss goal. Based on your weight, height and activity level the program will indicate a calorie target each day so that you can reach your goal.

They also include healthy living articles, etc.

I know that research shows over and over that people who track their food reach and maintain weight goals. Maybe because those who binge and eat the cake, cookies, and pizza don't write it down. Who needs that evidence? Anyway, because I knew I was tracking it, I only had one scoop of ice cream last night and found that guess what? That was perfectly ok, I was still within my calorie goal.

Here is to SPRING!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Confessions of a Stay At Home Mom

I can honestly say that I am grateful and thankful everyday to be able to stay home with Carson.

So far today has been great. I got a membership at 24Hour and love their Kids Club. It was very hard to leave Carson there for the first time. But I like the staff and the fact that as I work out I can supposedly watch him on camera (it is a bit blurry). I felt much better about the fact that as soon as we got there today, he reached out for the employee and did not even look back at me. He needs lots of opportunities to play with other kids.

That being said, sometimes I think it is VERY hard to stay at home with your little one. Because there are so many people who would love the chance, you feel guilty if you need to complain a bit.

I am sure many of you out there can relate so let me just say it for you:
Every once in a while it would be great to have my lunch breaks back. To be able to chat with my co-worker and decide where we are going to eat and then TAKE OUR TIME!
Sometimes I miss working on projects that actually GET DONE and don't start all over again the next day. Plus, getting kudos for the good job you did on them wouldn't be so bad.
Did I really complain about grocery shopping when J and I were first married? What was I thinking. To be able to have time to sit down, write a list, get in the car with only my purse, and shop now would be a VACATION!
Paychecks are fun...even with bills. Having your own income and not feeling guilty if you want to indulge in yourself is fun too.
Mostly, I miss working with all different types of people. I love relating to people and learning about them. I miss the interesting conversations. I want to have a reason to dress up.
The bathroom! I really really would love to just go to the bathroom when I need to. Not have to make sure Carson is in a safe place, listen to him follow me down the hall, and then try and entertain him so he will not whine and try to get up on my lap...

I feel better already. There are also countless things I love about being a stay at home mom. In fact, I think we are going to head out to the aquarium right now!

Monday, March 16, 2009

AZ Baby!

I would love to post more often. But see, my kid is very similar to his dad in many ways. One way being that he thinks he absolutely owns the computer. Gone are the days of blogging while he sat contentedly in his bouncer. Now as soon as you even make a gesture towards the computer he races you, reaches up for you to lift him...throws a wonderful fit and now even yanks on your shirt until you get off "his" chair and leave him by himself. I guess those actions make him bit like me as well.
Anyway, we had great fun down in Arizona. While the summers are hot, the weather is absolutely perfect the rest of the year. I am tempted to convince my husband we need to move there for a few years!
Carson loved hanging out with Jackson and JR while Baby Brooklyn was being born. I was very very exhausted the first few days. Three kids is a lot! But there was a fabulous toddler park that saved us everyday. I could bring the kids there, wear them out for a few hours and then get them all down for a nap at the same time. We had to be creative with our transportation to the toddler park as I could only push one stroller at a time. Carson loved the basket...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Some Friends Lie

You may wonder why I put up this hideous picture of myself. It is to illustrate a point.

See, I bought these glasses last fall when I went to San Diego with my friends in book club. I only purchased them after I was told by several individuals that they were "SO CUTE!". When I got these pictures back I realized...they are so cute. But not on me.

I absolutely love Audrey Hepburn and her style. That is probably why I gravitated to these glasses in the first place. I look like a crazy killer bee...I am surprised my son is not frightened when I put them on.

Last Christmas I also found a hat at Target that I LOVED! It was Christmas time so I was trying to not spend money on myself so I waited. While in Washington, I tried the pillbox type hat on for my mom and sister. My mom exclaimed "OH it is so cute." I pictured myself as Audrey Hepburn while posing next to the mirrors.

That is when my sister said, " You look like Supernanny."

Dreams crushed. I did look a bit like Supernanny. And in the future, I will be sunglass shopping with my sister.

But, don't they look good on Justin...he had to wear them cause he lost his.