Friday, November 13, 2009

Our journey to grow our family

This may look like a blob to most of you...but this is science at its finest! Despite a huge roller coaster and tons of close calls--we have been blessed with being 2 for 2 with invitro success. Truly truly amazing!
I am now almost ten weeks along--a couple more weeks of high risk and shots and I am due June 20th!
For those of you who have been there holding my hand, listening to my tears and praying alongside us-- THANK YOU!
We started this process with nine embryos. The doctor told us most assuredly that with nine frozen odds were in our favor. We thought it might take us a few times but all would be well. The morning of the "transfer" we received a call. Out of nine, 5 did not grow at all. Out of the remaining 4 --3 started to grow and then stopped. There was ONE that was in poor condition and they were wanting to push it as far as they could to grow it one more day and hope it reached fair condition so we could try to transfer. We were advised to be realistic. I as crushed.
The next day we were surprised to hear that TWO had actually started to hatch themselves (weird I know) and we decided to transfer both.
Well, despite a few more scares... I am here to tell you that we have truly been blessed and I can't wait to meet our new little guy or girl!
(I do have to remind myself almost hourly how bad I wanted this so I can tolerate my extreme nausea!) But, having Carson reminds me that it is ALL WORTH IT!