Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wheeler Farm

Wheeler Farm is a very special place to me. When I first moved to Utah, I lived in an apartment near the Farm and I would go walking there almost every morning. It was a time for reflection, exercise, and with the beautiful mountains--a time to appreciate the beauty that surrounded me. Oh yeah, and at one point I had a faceoff with a fox.
Today, Justin met Carson and I there for lunch. We had such a great time and it is fun to be able to see J during the day. Carson is so excited to be able to walk everywhere that it was hard to get him to stay still during a picture.
This was my favorite picture from today. The best part??? There was a whole family in the background and I photoshopped them out. Pretty cool, Huh? Don't look too close though. Anyway, I think I will play around with it some more and see what I can do. I think we will be spending a lot of time there since the weather is warm.
While this pic may look idealic...let me shed some light. This picture follows me deciding to change Carson's diaper while he was standing near a picnic table. There was a messy situation going on down there that I was unaware of until I dropped the diaper. Once I got that cleaned up we started to walk up the hill. Carse is getting over a cold and start to cough really hard. This brought up his lunch which started out as a huge regurgitated lump in his mouth. He appeared to be choking on it, so like any good mom I pulled the chunk out of his mouth. Then he sprayed vomit everywhere. The poor people trying to enjoy their lunch nearby.
At that point, I wanted a shower but Carson was still wanting to play. There was a garbage nearby but it was not in the direction Carse and J wanted to go. So he insisted I carry my pukey wipes to a much farther garbage near the geese.
Don't you wish you could get the background on every picture???

Monday, April 20, 2009


My bro and his cute fam came to visit last week.
We went up to the Bennions for Dinner and an egg hunt. Carson did not quite catch on to the concept yet. He found his fave egg and held on tight the rest of the evening. Hey, the kids knows what he wants and doesn't let go. Nothing wrong with that.
Some of the weekly highlights:
Wild West Park...we all loved it!
Discovery Gateway Children's Museum- I think even Big Kids can enjoy themselves there. It was difficult and dramatic to pull Carson away from the steering wheel. It was the first time I saw him hold his ground even with big boys trying to push him out. He could have been there all day.
When Shawn Jr. was grumpy one morning he crossed him arms, pushed out his lips, and said "Hmmph!"--Carson loved it and started imitating him. It was adorable and Jr could not help but laugh at himself after that.
Rounds of "Wheels on the Bus"
Duck Duck Goose.... I have never seen Carse so excited as when waiting to see if he was a Duck or a Goose- good times
My brothers gourmet cooking- can't be beat.
Beth beating us at Knights and Castles her first game, while holding a baby and keeping Jr busy
Carson scared of his younger cousin Xarik and panicking when he came near
It was a crazy busy couple of days but it was so much fun! Jr already called to say he missed Carson and wanted to talk to him on the phone.
We miss you guys!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Carson loves feeding his baby is pretty sweet.
He is full on walking now..and is quite proud of himself. I will have to post a video when my husband shows me how....AGAIN! But first, I have to humble myself to be able to ask again.
We have been keeping busy and having a great time lately. More and more I feel like I have a little buddy to hang out with all day. Although I don't know that any of my friends are quite as insistent on doing what THEY want to do all the time:0
Some of Carson's favorite things right now:
Wild West Park at the Veterans' Memorial Park in West Jordan
After his recent visit from Grandma--apparently she is the funniest person EVER! She just smiles and he laughs.
His toy Drill "just like daddies"- everything in our home has now been screwed properly--including Shelby's belly button. The level of concentration is amazing!
Curious George or "ooh ooh ahh ahh" as Carse calls him
Being outside-even if it is freezing. Carson whines at the door or window all day. Yesterday I think we seriously spent 4 hours outside.
Kitty cats--he says "ow ow" all the time now. Grandpa Mark and Grandma Susans' cat Monkey is an all time fave. He chased him around forever.
His Bee to ride around on
Liesel and Andrew-he is pretty happy just to be in their presence.
Pretending to drive Daddy's Bronco. He could do this for hours. He also likes to drive Daddy's old truck in the garage. Since he has never seen us use a stick shift--he pretends to sing into it like a microphone.
Forward facing carseat--he never realized all he was missing!
Dum Dum suckers--great for emergency purposes in public. Stops whining immediately.