Thursday, July 30, 2009


Washington has been great so far but it is HOT HOT HOT! Extreme temperatures and no air conditioning.

More later--ready to go jump back in the sprinklers.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


The kids, not the birds.
This summer we have been able to have Faith and Jonah over on Wednesdays. It has been so much fun!
I find myself looking forward to Wednesdays more and more. Faith is almost 8 and Jonah almost 7 and they are a blast! Plus, they are so helpful with Carson... and he stays very entertained. We were even blessed with the company of Jake (12) last week since we went rafting and I guilt tripped him into coming.
Anyway....we do something different every week. The first few weeks it rained but amazingly the rained stopped during our outings.
We went to:
Wheeler Farm
Gardner Village for Petting Zoo and horse rides
Lake and rafting
We also have craft time and journal time during Carson's nap. The kids each have a journal where they draw pics to record all the things they did. Faith likes to include EVERYTHING.
The pic below is of her going "Podey".... yes, those are her underwear around her ankles. So funny!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thank Heavens for Broken Dishwashers

I most always try to find the silver linings in things. But the fact that our dishwasher broke about two months ago and it is not on our immediate priority list to get a new one--I was not so happy.

I realize this is not the worst thing to have happen. After all, the first place we lived after we were married we did not have a dishwasher. Of course, we worked all day and really only needed to wash dinner dishes and had the time to do it together. Now, I feel like it is an endless battle.

Of course, today changed that. This last week I have been letting Carse pull up a chair and "help". I am not sure if the clean dishes are worth the pile of water on the floor and on him but how he loves it.

Today I had a big pile and I was going to wash them during naptime. Carson had other plans. With all of his strength he began pulling the chair to the sink. So, we started washing.

He actually was a big help today. He was very serious about getting all the bubbles off and laying them on the towel. I would then proceed to turn the dish upside down on the towel. Well, it only took him a moment to realize what I was doing and he began putting them upside down and then beaming at me with the biggest look of pride on his face.

Thank heavens for broken dishwashers or I may have missed teaching my kid how to help mommy with dishes and that look of pride that will make me smile all day.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Still Catching Up!

Spent the 4th with the buffaloes this year. Eatin' em, admiring 'em and taking pics with them on Grandpa Marks' farm.
The whole May fam was in town for Marlo's funeral. It was nice to get all of the great grandkids together for the first time.
I got to spend some time riding around on the Rhino with the kids. No, folks, do not worry Mark has not purchased a real rhino at any auctions as of late. However, it is a fun vehicle to ride around the farm on. I think I may have had more of a blast than the kids.
Unfortunately, J and I had been up all night the night before cause Carson was not feeling we were in bed before the fireworks.
But this is Utah, so 4th of July #2 is only weeks away!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Grandpa May

Grandpa May passed away on July 1st, 2009. After beating cancer over the last couple of years, I have to say this came as quite a shock.
But I know he was ready. He missed his son Brian so much and he also knew we were all taken care of here.
Even during his times of pain, when he worked really hard to be ornery--a kiss to his bald head would bring that smile you see above.
Justin has so many memories and wonderful stories to tell about his grandpa. One of my favorites was one he told me while we were dating. Apparently shortly before Justin met me, his grandpa asked him why he wasn't married yet. Then Grandpa said, "Well, you better hurry up and get married or else you will turn into a grumpy old *$@!* like your (insert name here)!" Justin was so shocked to hear his grandpa curse that he never forget that. Thanks, Marlo, you may have helped push him towards my direction. He definitely never forgot that advice.
I don't think I can adequately express how great this man was. I only knew him for the last five years and he completely won my heart over.
I think for the most part you can evaluate a life by someone's "fruits" as they say. Well, spend some time with the May family and you will see the "fruits" of Marlo. Then, you may have a glimpse of what an incredible man he was during his time on Earth.

(I guess it is time for Carson to grow some hair now--he doesn't need to stay bald to make Grandpa feel better anymore)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Father's Day

I am very behind on blogging, but I would be remiss if I did not take a minute to talk about Justin's second Father's Day. As you can see from the pic, he apparently was getting a lecture from his adoring son. Carson was so proud to give daddy his present and the picture he drew.
When I met J, he seemed like he was good at just about everything. Hard working, he could build and fix just about anything; intelligent, computer genius; dedicated, loyal, so honest, selfless, kind.
Because of these qualities I could not wait to call him my husband. Of course, he took that new responsibility seriously and in his usual way became the best husband anyone could ever ask for.
But, it wasn't until Justin became a father that I saw him reach his true potential. When I was pregnant I remember my stepdad saying "Boy, that kid is going to be so lucky to have Justin as a dad."
He is so patient with Carson. Their mutual awe of each other is something that I get to witness daily. Already they have such a bond and communicate with each other in a way I will probably never "get". Rare is the moment that those two are together and they are more than two feet apart. I think that each of them experience their greatest moments of joy together. Just being around each other they ooze pure happiness.
One of my favorite quotes is by David O. McKay "No amount of success can compensate for failure in the home."
Justin lives that quote. He has many goals in life and will do a great many things. I just hope that everyday he can realize he has already achieved so much in his greatest role... being a dad.