Wednesday, July 22, 2009


The kids, not the birds.
This summer we have been able to have Faith and Jonah over on Wednesdays. It has been so much fun!
I find myself looking forward to Wednesdays more and more. Faith is almost 8 and Jonah almost 7 and they are a blast! Plus, they are so helpful with Carson... and he stays very entertained. We were even blessed with the company of Jake (12) last week since we went rafting and I guilt tripped him into coming.
Anyway....we do something different every week. The first few weeks it rained but amazingly the rained stopped during our outings.
We went to:
Wheeler Farm
Gardner Village for Petting Zoo and horse rides
Lake and rafting
We also have craft time and journal time during Carson's nap. The kids each have a journal where they draw pics to record all the things they did. Faith likes to include EVERYTHING.
The pic below is of her going "Podey".... yes, those are her underwear around her ankles. So funny!