Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thank Heavens for Broken Dishwashers

I most always try to find the silver linings in things. But the fact that our dishwasher broke about two months ago and it is not on our immediate priority list to get a new one--I was not so happy.

I realize this is not the worst thing to have happen. After all, the first place we lived after we were married we did not have a dishwasher. Of course, we worked all day and really only needed to wash dinner dishes and had the time to do it together. Now, I feel like it is an endless battle.

Of course, today changed that. This last week I have been letting Carse pull up a chair and "help". I am not sure if the clean dishes are worth the pile of water on the floor and on him but how he loves it.

Today I had a big pile and I was going to wash them during naptime. Carson had other plans. With all of his strength he began pulling the chair to the sink. So, we started washing.

He actually was a big help today. He was very serious about getting all the bubbles off and laying them on the towel. I would then proceed to turn the dish upside down on the towel. Well, it only took him a moment to realize what I was doing and he began putting them upside down and then beaming at me with the biggest look of pride on his face.

Thank heavens for broken dishwashers or I may have missed teaching my kid how to help mommy with dishes and that look of pride that will make me smile all day.


mrsapplejuice said...

AW! That is so sweet. Don't you just love that look you get from your child when you help him learn something that builds his self esteem?

See you at the ranch!