Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's Been Awhile

I know I know. Blogging has taken a backseat to many, many things.
But, as an update--things are good here.
The first five months of pregnancy were not so good for me. Many things got missed. I was just really really sick a lot. Taking care of Carse was all I could handle, and sometimes I did not feel like I was even doing that very well.
I definitely have a 2yr old now. He talks and talks and throws fits and has a mind of his own. (where would he get that)
We are having a girl--her name is Reese:0 I am just over six months now-- of course I look like I am eight!
J and I celebrated our 5 yr anniversary this month! Best 5 years of my life and it just keeps getting better.
Some of my fav Carson phrases:
"I am big Mama"--then he smiles "You are bigger too mama"-- thx I needed that.
"I broke my brakes"--repeated over and over and over and he races around pretending to be a train
"I wuv you too"
And... he loves to look at Justin or I and ask "Are you happy momma?"

Friday, November 13, 2009

Our journey to grow our family

This may look like a blob to most of you...but this is science at its finest! Despite a huge roller coaster and tons of close calls--we have been blessed with being 2 for 2 with invitro success. Truly truly amazing!
I am now almost ten weeks along--a couple more weeks of high risk and shots and I am due June 20th!
For those of you who have been there holding my hand, listening to my tears and praying alongside us-- THANK YOU!
We started this process with nine embryos. The doctor told us most assuredly that with nine frozen odds were in our favor. We thought it might take us a few times but all would be well. The morning of the "transfer" we received a call. Out of nine, 5 did not grow at all. Out of the remaining 4 --3 started to grow and then stopped. There was ONE that was in poor condition and they were wanting to push it as far as they could to grow it one more day and hope it reached fair condition so we could try to transfer. We were advised to be realistic. I as crushed.
The next day we were surprised to hear that TWO had actually started to hatch themselves (weird I know) and we decided to transfer both.
Well, despite a few more scares... I am here to tell you that we have truly been blessed and I can't wait to meet our new little guy or girl!
(I do have to remind myself almost hourly how bad I wanted this so I can tolerate my extreme nausea!) But, having Carson reminds me that it is ALL WORTH IT!

Saturday, September 26, 2009


By now all readers of my blog probably know a bit about Carson's obsession with cars. He spends a lot of time sitting in any car and driving.
The other day I unloaded the groceries while he sat in the car. He was so happy, I proceeded to put them away as well. As I looked out the door, his head disappeared. Only to reemerge a few seconds later to reveal this:

I am afraid we may have another Diet Coke addict in the family to my non carbonation, absolutely no caffeine drinking husband's dismay. Although this may look bad, I assure you. I don't leave but a drop in the cans.

A similar occurrence happened in the garbage can last week. Oh my! Kinda gross.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I love you, Shawn! :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

I love you Stinky Face

Carson and I go this at the library last week. I highly recommend this story. Maybe I am a bit emotional, but I can't get through reading this out loud without getting choked up.
I am thinking it is worth buying!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lots Of Updates

First off, having a toddler in the house is more fun than anything I have ever experienced. I can't imagine not having one EVER! This pic is because Carson became obsessed with some little red foam pad that was in Daddy's computer box. It even became a pillow on the front porch, he washed the floor with it, and put Kitty on it as well.
Oh, you may not have met Kitty yet. He is a member of the family now. Don't worry, our allergies prevent a real kitty. But my mom brought this on her trip for Carse and he eats, sleeps and plays with him. It is a good thing he washes well, he took a chocolate milk bath yesterday.

We have had many adventures in the last couple of weeks. We went to the Bennion Ranch and then the May cabin. Carson loves it and travels so well!
Carson also has an excellent internal clock. This is him at 5:40 everyday. He knows Daddy will be home anytime. Sometimes Daddy does not get home until 6:00. It is the longest 20 minutes of the day.
Carson's driving obsession continues. It has extended to motorcycles and helicopters. But NOTHING Tops the "Big Red" that Grandma Bennion got for all of the grandkids. The entire time at the ranch and cabin he was wanting to drive. We ended up taking him on two drives that last around two hours and finally getting him to fall asleep.
He is now obsessed with keys as well. Well, he realizes you need those to drive. So, he pretends to reach in his pocket and pull out a key and drive anything that resembles handlebars or a steering wheel.
Yesterday I watched him put my car key in his pb&j sandwich and turn in over and over making a motor noise. We also spent a very long time looking for my car key which ended up being in the silverware drawer:)
I have so many stores of my entertaining little guy! I wish I could record every moment and spend my retirement years watching them over and over!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hot Air Balloon Festival

This post would be a perfect opportunity to put up a really gorgeous picture of a hot air balloon, but that is not to be. Let me tell you why.
About 7 years ago I went to the Eden Hot Air Balloon Festival. I loved it! So, for the past 7 years I have tried to go and it usually corresponds with hunting season and does not work out.
Well, this year my mom was in town so J went hunting and I excitedly planned going to the Festival. It was Friday and Saturday.
We passed up Friday for various reasons and woke up at 5am on Sat morning to make the 1 1/2 drive to Eden. Woke poor Carse up and packed in the car for the day.
The lightning and driving rain would have turned most people around. But not us. I figured it would clear up. I was determined and if anyone has seen me in that mode... you would understand.
Got lost a few times. Ended up in Eden around 7:30am. No balloons. Talked to a sweet kid who told us to come back at 6:30pm as one balloonist was going to launch NO MATTER WHAT.
Drove all the way home. Carson was loving the ride. Went home took naps and drove BACK UP. It was sunny and beautiful.
Arrived at 6pm. Waited, waited, waited. No balloons. At 7:30pm I went and spoke to a pilot who said it was not going to happen. But, they would try for a balloon glow at 9pm. The music was horrible and the vendors were all at a different location(weird planning).
So, we made the drive back. Stopped for a concillatory peach frozen yogurt and tried to make it back before dark.
No balloons. It was so beautiful up there I am trying to convince my husband to sell our house, buy a lot and camp year round until we can afford to build up there.
I guess I will try again in the next 7 years.