Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I don't know if you are like me, but as much as I want a sparkling clean house.. I tend to get overwhelmed when I get started. I found this list of things to do that that are easy and will help get me a little bit closer to the clean home of my dreams:

Fresh ways to get your home to sparkle.

If you’re overwhelmed by the thought of going through your entire house – dusting, scrubbing, organizing and throwing things away – we’ve got the inspiration you need to de-clutter, de-germ and de-stress. Start with these little tips and your house will be spotless in no time.

• Freshen and sharpen your garbage disposal by grinding lemon peel, baking soda and pieces of ice while running the water.

• Dust your vents and fans to keep your air clean and reduce allergens.

• Clean your dishwasher by running it empty with vinegar or baking soda in place of the soap.

• Vacuum your mattress to get rid of dust. Then flip it to keep it from sinking in on one side.

• Sort through your containers of makeup, hair products and lotions. Throw out anything that’s expired, separated or out of style. Be especially careful with products you use around your eyes and mouth like lipstick and mascara.

• Dip cotton swabs in bleach to clean the tight spaces in and around sinks, ovens and refrigerators.

One last thing – start with a room you know you can clean in an hour or less. That way, your accomplishment will keep you motivated!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Something Your Mother May Not Have Told You

Once you have children, you have to cross your legs prior to sneezing.

I am trying to develop this into something that looks graceful, like a plie. We could make it a ladylike standard to cross your legs when you feel a sneeze coming on and begin teaching it to our daughters at a very young age. Then, nobody would look at us weird or realize we are trying to prevent peeing our pants.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Excuse This Home

Excuse This Home

Some homes try to hide the fact
that children shelter there

Ours boasts of it quite openly
the signs are everywhere

For smears are on the windows
Little smudges on the door,

I should apologize I guess
for the toys strewn on the floor.

But I sat down with the children,
we played and laughed and read.

And if the doorbell doesn't shine
Their eyes will shine instead.

For when at times I am forced to choose
the one job or the other,

I want to be a homemaker
but first I'll be a mother

My mom's friend Sharon made me a beautiful glass portrait with that poem etched on it. It brings tears to my eyes.... But look at those big eyes and you can see why I don't always get all the things done that I want in a day. I would rather make those eyes light up!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The 5 in 10 Chicken Breast Cookbook

Last week Carson and I went to the library and I happened to pick this book up from the cookbook section. Amazing!
I highly recommend this book if you don't like to spend a lot of time on dinner or a lot of money at the grocery store. All the recipes have 5 ingredients or less and they are quick to make (hence the title). --I have always wanted to use the word 'hence'. I feel so medieval.
Anyway, I am becoming more organized and wrote out my dinners for the next ten days along with picking up all the ingredients. I have promised Justin that we will not eat chicken more than two days in a row... luckily his dad has supplied us with quantities of buffalo. If only I could find a 5 in 10 buffalo cookbook I would be set.
Here is the recipe I tried so far and it was surprisingly tasty... very German tasting:


4 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves
Salt and freshly ground pepper
1 large onion
3 Tablespoons butter
1 teaspoon caraway seed
1 cup dry white wine

Pound chicken breasts slightly to flatten evenly. Season with salt and pepper. Thinly slice onion.

Heat butter in large frying pan. Add chicken and cook over medium-high heat, turning once, until browned, about 2 mins per side. Push the chicken to one side of the pan, add onion and caraway seed and stir to coat with butter. Cover and cook over medium heat until onion is softened, 2 to 3 mins.

Add the wine and cook over medium heat, uncovered, until the chicken is cooked through and liquid is slightly reduced, 2 to 3 mins longer. Season with salt and pepper to taste and serve.

Yummy and VERY QUICK!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Eight Months

Carson turned 8 months old the other day and I thought I should put on some updates. Wow, time really flies when you are having fun. Lately, all my days are fun.

  • He sits up straight and tall now--this really has made his and my life easier. I can pretty much sit him anywhere... counter, table, chairs and he is happy.

  • Although not crawling yet (thank goodness) he gets in the crawl position and if very motivated he will army crawl to get what he wants. The spoiled kid does not do that often though because mommy gives in and reaches it for him. I know, bad mommy.

  • He is eating baby food but still struggling with anything with too thick of a consistency. I gave him a baby food from someone at church today after being reassured it dissolves in his mouth quickly...he choked, then threw up during Sunday School. I was lectured by daddy on my spontaneity with trying new things.

  • He pretty much always has his feet crossed (see below). I think it is SO CUTE.

"mommy" is still not a popular part of his vocabulary. He can say it alright but it is more funny to him to say "dada dada" when I try to coax him into saying "mama"
  • He loves 5 Little Speckled Frogs, Kumbayah to fall asleep to, and any songs sang directly to him

  • His new favorite music appears to be Carrie Underwood, when she comes on he pays FULL ATTENTION...sorry Daddy Metallica just doesn't cut it

  • He thinks coughing and laughing are the same thing. If you cough, he laughs. If you laugh, he coughs. Or maybe he just thinks the best medicine is laughter... hey he could be a genius.

  • He had his first ear infection. We caught it early because he looked right at me, starting crying and pulling his left ear. Great communication skills.

  • If there is a wet washcloth around, watch out.... he will scratch, climb, pinch, twist and turn, and even attempt flying to get to it and put in his mouth. We bring two washcloths to bath time or else the entire event becomes a tugging contest and not much cleaning occurs.

    • Current weight: 15 lbs Current height: 26.5 inches

    • Money spent at Children's Place on outfits he just had to have: let's hope my husband never asks

    • Times those big blue eyes have melted my heart: zillions
    • The smile on his face when he has yet another blow out at church and it is dripping down his leg and onto my lap: PRICELESS

    Wednesday, September 10, 2008

    We are Back

    We are back... it was SO great to see my husband. Carson got the biggest toothless grin anyone ever saw.
    But I already miss my family.
    I love the way they interact with Carson and how he lights up around them.
    I love my brother's absolutely fabulous cooking and watching the little boy that used to tag around behind me have a Proud Papa glow.
    I love how my mom has the most unselfish, tender heart in the world. She can make Carson laugh quicker than anyone. Someday I want to be just like her.
    I love seeing my little sister nurture the kids. She would give her nephews anything. She loves to cuddle Carson. She is not a morning person but if you bring the baby to wake her up she is all smiles.
    I love Pops always wanting to do everything to help everyone. I will miss the mornings where everyone else was at work and he would have his "Carson time" before going in. Oh yeah, and he kept bringing me fair scones.
    I love how Beth loves my brother so much and "gets" him.
    And I can't say enough about my nephews Shawn and Xarik. Xarik already has a little personality. He looks you right in they eye and smiles big. Shawn talks to Carson like he is a big kid... and plays with him. He asks him questions like Carson can answer. "We are going for a walk, Carson, are you excited?" "Do you want to play with the turtles Carson?" Carson gets so excited when he is around he starts flapping his arms and for a second you may believe he is actually going to fly.
    Last night Shawn was pretending to cook (like his dad) and brings Carson a paper cup "I made this drink special just for you Carson" So cute! Shawn also says "Now I have three babies to take care of. Xarik, Carson and the baby in Kris' tummy."
    I love you guys!

    Friday, September 5, 2008


    Gramps and Carson

    It is beautiful this week in Puyallup, 70 degrees and sunny... a rare occurrence up here in the rainy state.

    Carson and I decided to take a walk yesterday. It ended up being a pretty long walk because I thought I could find a secret neighborhood or make a cool discovery. That did not happen. We were walking along with a lot of traffic most of the time.

    At one point, I noticed a man come out from a side street. He was pretty far behind me but something about him made me feel a little nervous. I reassured myself and walked on... pushing Carson a little bit faster which was ok by him.

    I turned a few streets on the way back to my parents, low and behold "weird guy" was still behind us and getting a little closer. Again, I reassured myself. We were on a busy street, he was probably just walking this way too.

    I looked back nervously a few times as I got closer to the house. My parents live on a dead end that is gated. As I turned up the dead end I look behind and saw the guy starting to jog up a little. This was not reassuring. The gap was closing even more.

    When he turned down the dead end behind me my anxiety increased. I knew Pops was home so I called his cell phone. No answer. I called the house phone. Still no answer. Now I felt truly nervous. I fumbled with the gate that turns into their condos. Once inside the gate I felt a little more relaxed. Surely this guy would see the gate and turn around. Plus, I was getting close to the house.

    As I turned around I saw the guy come through the gate. Panic set in. I practically ran.. the garage was open. I pushed Carson into garage, quickly grabbed him out of the stroller (waking him) and closed the garage. Then I ran up to the front door and locked it... I saw the guy outside the front window looking around.

    I ran upstairs calling "DAD! DAD"... poor guy... he had shampoo in his heard the panic in my voice.

    "Dad, someone was following me and they are right outside the house!"

    "Is he tall and dark haired with black t-shirt?" he asks from the other side of the door as he looks out of his bedroom window.


    "That's the neighbor." ha... relief. Immediate feelings of stupidity. But, more relief.

    We had a good laugh. If you saw the guy though and he had followed you for about a mile and a half you would have felt a little worried too. Trust me. And what are the odds he lives in the same condos??

    Thursday, September 4, 2008

    Frequent Flyer

    No pics to upload yet... but Carson and I are in Washington hanging out with the family and having a fabulous time!
    My little frequent flyer was a pro on the flight again. In fact, at the end of the flight a lady turned around and said "I want to see this sweet baby who was so good." That's my boy!
    We flew in with the BYU Cougar Tour group, they were flying out to see the Cougs play the UW Huskies. There were almost 150 people on the tour. All BYU alum.
    My little sis couldn't leave work right away and she was supposed to help me get the bags since I had two suitcases and a carseat and stroller and Carson... plus diaper bag of course. When she called I reassured her... don't worry, I just flew in with every bishop and stake president in Utah. They are breaking their backs to see who can help me the most! There were actually 4 men standing by me at the baggage belt practically fighting each other to see who could be the biggest help. We were in good hands.
    We miss Justin though. This morning when he called and I put him on speakerphone Carson just lit up... his arms start flapping, he started talking and smiling and straining to reach the phone. Carson is sure a daddy's boy.

    Tuesday, September 2, 2008

    Great Weekend

    We had a terrific weekend. One where everything just works out great. It started on Thursday. Some friends of mine had a condo in Jeremy Ranch for the week and offered to let us use it Thursday and Friday night! What incredible friends I have!
    Carson and I drove up Thursday afternoon while J was at work. We went for a lot of walks around the beautiful neighborhood. I try not to get jealous of homes I can not possibly afford at this time in my life. But wow! I would love to live up there. It was so gorgeous and quiet and Carson loved walking around.
    It was actually less of a commute for J to come there after work so we had fun. We took Carson into the pool for his first time. It was a little chilly but he loved it. So far this kid has expressed no fear of anything.
    On Friday, Carson and I got up and went on a long long walk. He just loves being outside and now that he can sit upright in his stroller and see everything he couldn't be more content. Then we went to the outlets. Carson made a LOT of friends at the outlets. People and kids kept coming up and talking to him, and he loved the attention.
    After work, J and I played games and picked up food to go and went on another long walk. It was very relaxing.
    We left Saturday morning and spent all day just hanging out and enjoying our little family. Then on Sunday it was my friend Jill's bday. I made my first layered cake. It was a delicious mess! This was quite an accomplishment for me. I am not so good at the whole Betty Crocker baking thing. I was going to start the cake before church and was all excited, only to discover that the round pans I thought I had to make the cake in were actually PIE PANS! So, I had to borrow some from a neighbor who gave me very specific instructions. The whole kitchen was a frosting disaster ever... but it was fun and could quite possibly induce a sugar coma.
    We spent Sunday barbequing with Jill and Steve and playing games. Carson gave Jill lots of birthday kisses which was very sweet. I am still waiting for my kisses. Apparently, I am not high up on the priority list:)
    Then yesterday we saw Justin's cousin Jessica's baby girl. She is so cute! Just 4 weeks old. We ended up going to a bbq with Tom and Liz and their 2 week old baby, Jessica and Katelyn, Nick and Essie and Andrew and Liesel, and Cam and Liz (and baby Shellum in Liz's tummy). We had a great time!
    What a fabulous weekend! And I leave for Washington for a week tomorrow.... get to see my family again and go to Kristin's baby shower.