Thursday, September 4, 2008

Frequent Flyer

No pics to upload yet... but Carson and I are in Washington hanging out with the family and having a fabulous time!
My little frequent flyer was a pro on the flight again. In fact, at the end of the flight a lady turned around and said "I want to see this sweet baby who was so good." That's my boy!
We flew in with the BYU Cougar Tour group, they were flying out to see the Cougs play the UW Huskies. There were almost 150 people on the tour. All BYU alum.
My little sis couldn't leave work right away and she was supposed to help me get the bags since I had two suitcases and a carseat and stroller and Carson... plus diaper bag of course. When she called I reassured her... don't worry, I just flew in with every bishop and stake president in Utah. They are breaking their backs to see who can help me the most! There were actually 4 men standing by me at the baggage belt practically fighting each other to see who could be the biggest help. We were in good hands.
We miss Justin though. This morning when he called and I put him on speakerphone Carson just lit up... his arms start flapping, he started talking and smiling and straining to reach the phone. Carson is sure a daddy's boy.


Paula said...

Hi April and Carson,
I'm glad you arrived safe. I think Carson is going to be a pilot when he grows up!
Please say hi to all your family from me. Hope the shower is fun and you have a great week!