Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I don't know if you are like me, but as much as I want a sparkling clean house.. I tend to get overwhelmed when I get started. I found this list of things to do that that are easy and will help get me a little bit closer to the clean home of my dreams:

Fresh ways to get your home to sparkle.

If you’re overwhelmed by the thought of going through your entire house – dusting, scrubbing, organizing and throwing things away – we’ve got the inspiration you need to de-clutter, de-germ and de-stress. Start with these little tips and your house will be spotless in no time.

• Freshen and sharpen your garbage disposal by grinding lemon peel, baking soda and pieces of ice while running the water.

• Dust your vents and fans to keep your air clean and reduce allergens.

• Clean your dishwasher by running it empty with vinegar or baking soda in place of the soap.

• Vacuum your mattress to get rid of dust. Then flip it to keep it from sinking in on one side.

• Sort through your containers of makeup, hair products and lotions. Throw out anything that’s expired, separated or out of style. Be especially careful with products you use around your eyes and mouth like lipstick and mascara.

• Dip cotton swabs in bleach to clean the tight spaces in and around sinks, ovens and refrigerators.

One last thing – start with a room you know you can clean in an hour or less. That way, your accomplishment will keep you motivated!


jayna said...

just got caught up on your blog!! love it april. and that kid of yours is so freakin cute. those eyes. these are great cleaning tips!! thanks for sharing!