Wednesday, September 10, 2008

We are Back

We are back... it was SO great to see my husband. Carson got the biggest toothless grin anyone ever saw.
But I already miss my family.
I love the way they interact with Carson and how he lights up around them.
I love my brother's absolutely fabulous cooking and watching the little boy that used to tag around behind me have a Proud Papa glow.
I love how my mom has the most unselfish, tender heart in the world. She can make Carson laugh quicker than anyone. Someday I want to be just like her.
I love seeing my little sister nurture the kids. She would give her nephews anything. She loves to cuddle Carson. She is not a morning person but if you bring the baby to wake her up she is all smiles.
I love Pops always wanting to do everything to help everyone. I will miss the mornings where everyone else was at work and he would have his "Carson time" before going in. Oh yeah, and he kept bringing me fair scones.
I love how Beth loves my brother so much and "gets" him.
And I can't say enough about my nephews Shawn and Xarik. Xarik already has a little personality. He looks you right in they eye and smiles big. Shawn talks to Carson like he is a big kid... and plays with him. He asks him questions like Carson can answer. "We are going for a walk, Carson, are you excited?" "Do you want to play with the turtles Carson?" Carson gets so excited when he is around he starts flapping his arms and for a second you may believe he is actually going to fly.
Last night Shawn was pretending to cook (like his dad) and brings Carson a paper cup "I made this drink special just for you Carson" So cute! Shawn also says "Now I have three babies to take care of. Xarik, Carson and the baby in Kris' tummy."
I love you guys!