Friday, September 5, 2008


Gramps and Carson

It is beautiful this week in Puyallup, 70 degrees and sunny... a rare occurrence up here in the rainy state.

Carson and I decided to take a walk yesterday. It ended up being a pretty long walk because I thought I could find a secret neighborhood or make a cool discovery. That did not happen. We were walking along with a lot of traffic most of the time.

At one point, I noticed a man come out from a side street. He was pretty far behind me but something about him made me feel a little nervous. I reassured myself and walked on... pushing Carson a little bit faster which was ok by him.

I turned a few streets on the way back to my parents, low and behold "weird guy" was still behind us and getting a little closer. Again, I reassured myself. We were on a busy street, he was probably just walking this way too.

I looked back nervously a few times as I got closer to the house. My parents live on a dead end that is gated. As I turned up the dead end I look behind and saw the guy starting to jog up a little. This was not reassuring. The gap was closing even more.

When he turned down the dead end behind me my anxiety increased. I knew Pops was home so I called his cell phone. No answer. I called the house phone. Still no answer. Now I felt truly nervous. I fumbled with the gate that turns into their condos. Once inside the gate I felt a little more relaxed. Surely this guy would see the gate and turn around. Plus, I was getting close to the house.

As I turned around I saw the guy come through the gate. Panic set in. I practically ran.. the garage was open. I pushed Carson into garage, quickly grabbed him out of the stroller (waking him) and closed the garage. Then I ran up to the front door and locked it... I saw the guy outside the front window looking around.

I ran upstairs calling "DAD! DAD"... poor guy... he had shampoo in his heard the panic in my voice.

"Dad, someone was following me and they are right outside the house!"

"Is he tall and dark haired with black t-shirt?" he asks from the other side of the door as he looks out of his bedroom window.


"That's the neighbor." ha... relief. Immediate feelings of stupidity. But, more relief.

We had a good laugh. If you saw the guy though and he had followed you for about a mile and a half you would have felt a little worried too. Trust me. And what are the odds he lives in the same condos??


Jill said...

April - that is hilarious, although I know I would have been just as nervous. Hope you two are having fun.


jayna said...

oh my gosh, that would have scared me so bad too!! weird guy. seriously. can't wait to see pics!!