Sunday, September 14, 2008

Eight Months

Carson turned 8 months old the other day and I thought I should put on some updates. Wow, time really flies when you are having fun. Lately, all my days are fun.

  • He sits up straight and tall now--this really has made his and my life easier. I can pretty much sit him anywhere... counter, table, chairs and he is happy.

  • Although not crawling yet (thank goodness) he gets in the crawl position and if very motivated he will army crawl to get what he wants. The spoiled kid does not do that often though because mommy gives in and reaches it for him. I know, bad mommy.

  • He is eating baby food but still struggling with anything with too thick of a consistency. I gave him a baby food from someone at church today after being reassured it dissolves in his mouth quickly...he choked, then threw up during Sunday School. I was lectured by daddy on my spontaneity with trying new things.

  • He pretty much always has his feet crossed (see below). I think it is SO CUTE.

"mommy" is still not a popular part of his vocabulary. He can say it alright but it is more funny to him to say "dada dada" when I try to coax him into saying "mama"
  • He loves 5 Little Speckled Frogs, Kumbayah to fall asleep to, and any songs sang directly to him

  • His new favorite music appears to be Carrie Underwood, when she comes on he pays FULL ATTENTION...sorry Daddy Metallica just doesn't cut it

  • He thinks coughing and laughing are the same thing. If you cough, he laughs. If you laugh, he coughs. Or maybe he just thinks the best medicine is laughter... hey he could be a genius.

  • He had his first ear infection. We caught it early because he looked right at me, starting crying and pulling his left ear. Great communication skills.

  • If there is a wet washcloth around, watch out.... he will scratch, climb, pinch, twist and turn, and even attempt flying to get to it and put in his mouth. We bring two washcloths to bath time or else the entire event becomes a tugging contest and not much cleaning occurs.

    • Current weight: 15 lbs Current height: 26.5 inches

    • Money spent at Children's Place on outfits he just had to have: let's hope my husband never asks

    • Times those big blue eyes have melted my heart: zillions
    • The smile on his face when he has yet another blow out at church and it is dripping down his leg and onto my lap: PRICELESS