Monday, April 20, 2009


My bro and his cute fam came to visit last week.
We went up to the Bennions for Dinner and an egg hunt. Carson did not quite catch on to the concept yet. He found his fave egg and held on tight the rest of the evening. Hey, the kids knows what he wants and doesn't let go. Nothing wrong with that.
Some of the weekly highlights:
Wild West Park...we all loved it!
Discovery Gateway Children's Museum- I think even Big Kids can enjoy themselves there. It was difficult and dramatic to pull Carson away from the steering wheel. It was the first time I saw him hold his ground even with big boys trying to push him out. He could have been there all day.
When Shawn Jr. was grumpy one morning he crossed him arms, pushed out his lips, and said "Hmmph!"--Carson loved it and started imitating him. It was adorable and Jr could not help but laugh at himself after that.
Rounds of "Wheels on the Bus"
Duck Duck Goose.... I have never seen Carse so excited as when waiting to see if he was a Duck or a Goose- good times
My brothers gourmet cooking- can't be beat.
Beth beating us at Knights and Castles her first game, while holding a baby and keeping Jr busy
Carson scared of his younger cousin Xarik and panicking when he came near
It was a crazy busy couple of days but it was so much fun! Jr already called to say he missed Carson and wanted to talk to him on the phone.
We miss you guys!