Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Some Friends Lie

You may wonder why I put up this hideous picture of myself. It is to illustrate a point.

See, I bought these glasses last fall when I went to San Diego with my friends in book club. I only purchased them after I was told by several individuals that they were "SO CUTE!". When I got these pictures back I realized...they are so cute. But not on me.

I absolutely love Audrey Hepburn and her style. That is probably why I gravitated to these glasses in the first place. I look like a crazy killer bee...I am surprised my son is not frightened when I put them on.

Last Christmas I also found a hat at Target that I LOVED! It was Christmas time so I was trying to not spend money on myself so I waited. While in Washington, I tried the pillbox type hat on for my mom and sister. My mom exclaimed "OH it is so cute." I pictured myself as Audrey Hepburn while posing next to the mirrors.

That is when my sister said, " You look like Supernanny."

Dreams crushed. I did look a bit like Supernanny. And in the future, I will be sunglass shopping with my sister.

But, don't they look good on Justin...he had to wear them cause he lost his.


Paula said...

Why is Justin not smiling??
You really don't look THAT bad!

Patty said...

Friends DO lie sometimes. And I think if they are friends, the motivation is much more benign than a "non-friend" or an outright enemy!

And then sometimes friends, even best friends, hold opposing opinions. We tend to agree with those that speak to our conflicted inner ideas, or that may diametrically oppose ours because we feel then that the person is being "honest."

That being said, you can believe me or not, but you look absolutely adorable in those glasses! I love those kind -- maybe as a throwback to the 70s or 80s -- I'm glad they came back! I have some, my kids call then my bug-eyes :)

April, you are a doll, glasses or no!

Jill said...

I stand by the fact that you look cute in the glasses... Justin on the other hand :)

jayna said...

hey, i'm with jill. i stand by the fact that they were fabulous. and still are! so see, i wasn't lying.