Monday, March 16, 2009

AZ Baby!

I would love to post more often. But see, my kid is very similar to his dad in many ways. One way being that he thinks he absolutely owns the computer. Gone are the days of blogging while he sat contentedly in his bouncer. Now as soon as you even make a gesture towards the computer he races you, reaches up for you to lift him...throws a wonderful fit and now even yanks on your shirt until you get off "his" chair and leave him by himself. I guess those actions make him bit like me as well.
Anyway, we had great fun down in Arizona. While the summers are hot, the weather is absolutely perfect the rest of the year. I am tempted to convince my husband we need to move there for a few years!
Carson loved hanging out with Jackson and JR while Baby Brooklyn was being born. I was very very exhausted the first few days. Three kids is a lot! But there was a fabulous toddler park that saved us everyday. I could bring the kids there, wear them out for a few hours and then get them all down for a nap at the same time. We had to be creative with our transportation to the toddler park as I could only push one stroller at a time. Carson loved the basket...