Tuesday, August 26, 2008

For the Love of Balloons

Carson loved the balloons we got for Daddy's birthday. We had five in the back of the car with him on the ride home from the store. He was in complete awe. When we got home, he was asleep and holding the strings with both hands. It was difficult to get him out of the car withouth the balloons tagging along.

As we got set up for J's bday, Carson just stared at the balloons. Then, trauma occurred. His favorite balloon caught in the fan! You should have seen the panic in his face. I think he may have believed they were alive. Luckily, since he is only 7 months, he was easily distracted with another balloon.

Nothing has ever been more hilarious in his life than Daddy bumping the balloons with his face. Who knew.


jayna said...

he is such a doll. i love how big his eyes are. especially when they are looking at balloons.