Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Yesterday afternoon I had a typical "April" moment. I went out to check my mail and locked the door behind me. Smart. I was so happy that I had brought Carson with me though I was not very upset. See, he was in his high chair playing happily when I decided to check the mail. Last minute, I thought I would bring him with me and went back and grabbed him. Can you imagine if I would have locked him in??? The broken window would have been expensive to replace.
So, Carson and I walked up to a neighbors and hung out. We called J and he came home early. That was fun. Maybe I should lock myself out more often.
The advice Justin gave me was that if I ever lock Carson in is to not break the window but kick in the door instead. Thanks, Honey. I will make sure that happens.


flibbertigibbet said...

Good thing Carson didn't lock you out on purpose. That day will come, so plan ahead. -Karen