Tuesday, August 12, 2008

For Your Benefit

While doing dishes today, I discovered something that everyone needs to know. Cooling Racks DO NOT make good bubble wands.

As I was washing my cooling rack (see above)... I was intrigued with how the soap spread out over each square. Thinking I was ingenious (and trying to keep Carson entertained so I could finish), I decided to twirl around with it REALLY fast and make bubbles.

I was not successful. In fact, I created much more work for myself as there was soap ALL OVER the kitchen. My phone which was charging nearby got soaked.

But Carson was smiling. Sometimes I wonder what he is thinking.


Paula said...

April, you are TOO funny!

jayna said...

hee-lar-ious. love that you get to stay home with your super cute little boy and make him laugh when you try to use the cooling rack as a bubble blower.