Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Son is a Future Redneck

Need I say more?
We had a great time at the cabin at the Archery Deer Hunt Opener this weekend. The guys were up way before the sun every morning, hiking around the mountain...doing the things guys do when they get all dressed up in their camo "costumes".
Here are a few things I learned this weekend:

Zack is moving to Texas to live in a camper trailer and hunt domestic pigs gone wild--seriously.

After sleeping in a loft with 4 adults, 2 children and a baby... I will never complain again when my husband wakes me by flipping over. Also, air mattresses are very loud when you toss and turn.

Grandpa Mark has been trying to install a working toilet since I met Justin four years ago. We still need to dump a bucket of water in it to flush.

Apparently, the corn muffins I made were for "poor" people. But, it is perfectly kosher to eat Vienna Sausages for breakfast.

The closest we saw to a bear was Grandpa Marlo... when he growls. However, Tyler actually saw a mama bear and two babies. As wonderful an experience as that may have been, I will pass on seeing bears in the wild.

As much as I think my cooking skills are improving, even using their recipes, I will never cook as good as Susan or Grandma May.

Don't let Tyler go through the food line first, he will get 3 1/2 of the 4 lb roast before anyone else gets a turn.

Esther is better at word games than me. Oh yeah, and as she states "I win a lot".

Cody is a card hustler.

I discovered something else, but I think it is still a secret. A three year old told me the secret though!

The air is definitely fresher up there! The food tastes better... there is nothing so peaceful and wonderful as hanging out at the cabin where the only chaos is that caused by the family!


Natalie said...

i know the secret,too, but a 3 year old didn't tell me....g-ma may did ;)

Paula said...

My! How fast a 'secret' can get around... especially from a three year old. April, I'm afraid you are living with TWO rednecks. But very cute ones!

Alayna said...

I wish I knew what the secret was. And I wish I could have gone to the cabin. I miss that place!