Monday, August 4, 2008

Birthday Wish

I turned 33 yesterday.
I went to blow out my candle and make my wish.
I looked around.
Some good friends had come over to celebrate and made me a yummy chocolate cake.
My husband was smiling and had worked so hard to spoil me and give me the best birthday.
Then my sweet little baby boy stared at me. Last year on my birthday I found out he was a boy. He was healthy and smiley and happy. Last year when I blew out my candles I put everything I had inside me into that wish. It had come true.
I paused. Justin saw my hesitation. "Wish for a wakeboarding boat!"
Oh yeah a wakeboarding boat... that would be fun. I blew out the candle.
Someone else can have my wish this year though. I don't really need a wakeboarding boat.
Here's to FABULOUS 33!


jayna said...

your baby does NOT look like Freddy Krueger. he's so freaking cute. i just want to kiss him. i love his big eyes. anyway, happy birthday!!!

nana said...

What a beautiful sentiment! You wrote your thoughts so eloquently.... it gave me goosebumps and made me cry. You certainly have been blessed in so many ways this past year. What a wonderful way to bring in 33 years of a marvelous life!

**Happy Birthday**