Friday, January 2, 2009

Umbrella Stroller

After Carson was born I took my sis-in-laws advice and purchased an umbrella stroller in addition to his travel system bigger one.
I got a great deal for $5 at Mervyns' and was very proud of myself. I would say I have gotten my money's worth (that sentence sounds wrong but I am too tired to know for sure). Anyway, I love how compact it is. Plus, Carson can see more and it is easy to bring anywhere.
I have found a problem however and have decided to look for a new umbrella stroller as I foresee at least another year or two of use.
First off, Daddy and Nana don't like to push it because the handles don't go high enough. Even me, at my whopping 5'5" tend to get a little sore. This is ok, because I often am very proud to push my adorable boy around and don't want to turn over the reigns to anyone. But, sometimes it might be nice.
The bigger issue? The wheels have no traction while in stores. When I bring it to the mall or into shops, it virtually stops. Sometimes with someone right on my heels, who gets irritated while tripping over me and my baby. The wheels do not go well with polished, waxed store flooring. Hello??!!! Was the umbrella stroller designer a man who wanted to discourage his wife from shopping? Not ok!
I do not want to spend too much on a new one as my bigger stroller is very nice...although not so compact.
So, any moms out there with suggestions would be greatly appreciated (or tall dads).


Mrs Applejuice said...

I know, strollers are expensive! Two suggestions:
First, I hear that sometimes Babies R Us has specials where you can get an umbrella stroller for free (or near free), although I have never personally seen one of these promotions.
Second, if you are ok with a used stroller, I suggest looking at your local Kid to Kid store. They often have used strollers in good condition, and some good old disinfecting will get rid of the previous owner's coodies :-)

Briana said...

So there are a little pricey but I HIGHLY recommend the Maclaren strollers (they have different price ranges) but the handles aren't too low, they push great and turn on a dime! We have a big Maclaren and a smaller one for the car... we love them! You can test drive them at BRU. Good luck :)

Paula said...

I haven't used mine yet, so thanks for the heads up. (No wonder they were only $5. You get what you pay for)

Theresa Bride said...

So do they really make them with longer handles??