Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Well, I just wrapped up the best year of my life so far! But there is so much to look forward to!

My Top New Year's Resolutions:

Lose the rest of the baby weight. I mean really, there are no more excuses when he is about to turn one. But how predictable, huh? I'll bet 80% of resolutions involve losing weight.

Increase exercise--minimum two times a week to start. I am such an all or nothing person that I need to start small and work up. It is easier in the spring and summer for me because I love walking. But ever since it got cold I am SO out of shape.

Eat more veggies- I have tried for years to convince myself that I like veggies. But, if there is an option for just about anything else or a veggie, I usually opt for anything else. Unless of course it is an artichoke--hmmm!

Get organized! My stress would decrease dramatically if I was more organized. But, I take one step forward two steps back...constantly. So, I am going to take it week by week. I figure in the next 52 weeks I should at least be in a better place than I am now, right?

Well my New Years Resolutions are very common, boring and typical. And since I seem to make similar ones every year you start to wonder what the point is anyway. My husband thinks that New Years is a silly excuse to change things and you should always be progressing anyway. But he is someone who is good at sticking to goal. For me, I like the fresh start idea. Plus, it eased the guilt this last week as I pigged out and was a lazy bum! I kept saying...hey. I will start on the 1st.

Anyone got any creative resolutions?


Bethany said...

Lol. I have been trying to eat more veggies for a long time too! My problem is that they take too long to prepare, and they go bad quickly so if I buy them, I know I have to eat them soon. Good luck on that one! I'll try for it too.
I need to excercise more too. It definitely helps with the winter blues, and just gives you an overall sense of well-being.

Paula said...

Those are good resolutions, and good luck with them! And I'll be watching you with those veggies :)