Sunday, January 18, 2009

An Eventful Day

It all started when Carson's book from my mom did not arrive... AGAIN. She confirmed via UPS tracking that is was indeed delivered. I asked her to read the address out loud. Aha! She was a digit off.
The good news... that was only a few houses up the street. I would run over there... they were probably holding the package as it was neighbors we did not know. That is what most people would do, right? They probably had the best of intentions of getting it to us but did not have time.
I started to grab Carson to go with me. Then had second thoughts. Not sure why... but glad I did. He was busy playing with dad.
Some other neighbors who lived next door to the 'package holders' were outside. I chatted for a minute and asked if their neighbors were nice and explained the situation. They made a face and then said "well, they will talk to you" no confirmation on the nice part. I jokingly asked "well, do you guys have my back if anything goes wrong"...they laughed and said if I was in there over an hour they would come and get me. I made them promise ten minutes tops.
The gentlemen who opened the door was not friendly. Either was his dog that was barking behind the screen. He said he did not receive any packages. I told him UPS said it was on his porch last Saturday. He said he would ask his wife.
The wife came up and said no, no packages. I told her there were two delivered to this address and the address was verified. I was still smiling and being very nice.
The dog continued barking. I was giving up. Then the dog sprang out from the screen door and sank his teeth into my thigh. Not so fun.
The lady grabs me and says "INTO THE HOUSE!" as the dog was now trying to get at me again and I was trapped on the porch.
The man stayed on the porch with the dog. I was inside. She asked to see my leg. It looked worse than I thought initially. The adrenaline was making it so it wasn't so painful yet.
Then... the man lets the DOG BACK IN. He starts coming out me and blocking the front only possible out!
I start yelling, "LOCK THAT DOG UP!" I could not leave. They throw the dog in the bedroom while the lady grabs me and runs me into her bedroom. She is distraught and apologizing while applying all manner of ointments to my leg. It is stinging. I yell, "WHAT ARE YOU PUTTING ON ME?"
The man comes up to me and continues to talk about the packages.... very slowly. The lady is blowing on my leg. He is saying, "I told her we can't keep the dog, it is our son's" He is being mean to his wife. She apparently will not let me leave until she has me "fixed up". I just want to go home. It is a bit surreal.
I keep asking, "Does the dog have shots?" I can not get out of my head the urban legends of the kids who had to get 126 rabies shots in their stomachs. They keep saying "Yes, Yes." I am not convinced.
The man tells well yes, they did receive a thin package. But he is sure it said Orlando. That is his son. I do not care about his son at this moment. I have been attacked by Cujo, I am being held captive by the medicine woman, and my Victoria Secret sweatpants have teethmarks. The ones I begged and cajoled my husband for. They have stolen my son's 1st birthday present book from his Grandma that she paid an extra $10 to overnight in time for his birthday.
I look at the man. "I just want to go home." And I push my way out of the back bedroom and out the front door. Cujo is still barking on the other side of the door.
My neighbors are still outside. "That dog really scared you huh?"
I laugh. "No, he actually bit me"--they are shocked and look like they feel bad. They tell me before Justin goes and kills the neighbors to come talk to them.
I walk home. When I walk in and see J and Carse staring at me I cry. Then I do not want my son to see me sad so I tell J what happened. I am so relieved my son was not on my hip.
The end result:
Antibiotics, pain meds, and apparently some muscle that was torn into
Animal Control Incident Report
No 1st Birthday Book
Waiting to hear about dog shot verification
A good excuse to not get up tomorrow morning to exercise
Hoping Cujo gets locked up permanently before a Girl Scout knocks on the door.....

I am seriously considering putting out a notice in the neighborhood!


Natalie said...

oh my goodness! that is terrible!!

Esther said...

That is so crazy. Are you feeling ok now? Do you still have wounds? Some people and their dogs eh!

aprilmay said...

yeah... the doc said i will be sore for a few weeks while it heals. it is real pretty.

Paula said...

Okay... so I just read the whole story. What a horrible experience! You could make numerous morals out of this story... one being "always send the husband to unknown neighbors". Hope your leg feels better soon!