Wednesday, January 28, 2009

One Reason I love my Husband

I hate, hate, hate cleaning bathrooms. When Justin and I first started dating he would come and pull the hair out of mine and my roommates bathroom drains. Disgusting! But, what a guy!
This was a lot less expensive than before Justin. I would buy my little sister a ticket to Salt Lake and bribe her with Joes' Crab Shack if she would clean out the hair. No kidding.
When we were first married I decided to continue the bartering. I would do all the grocery shopping if Justin would clean the bathrooms. Signed, sealed, delivered. Deal.
About six months ago I started to feel a little guilty. I honestly had not cleaned a bathroom in years and I was staying home while he worked. So, I cleaned the bathroom.
Two hours later, I had hives all over my body. My eyes were totally swollen. We assumed it was the chemicals. So, we switched to Green Cleaning.
Justin insisted he take over the cleaning again. It takes him awhile but he is very very thorough. Last Saturday, I started to feel guilty again. That is when he reassured me.
And I quote, "It is ok honey. I knew when I met you you were meant for the life of a princess."
Finally, someone who agrees with my childhood fantasies! What a great husband!


flibbertigibbet said...

Justin IS wonderful...but you must be too for him to have picked you.

jayna said...

April, he really is the salt of the earth. Does he have a brother??

Paula said...

That was one of Justin's jobs while he lived at home. I have to say that I REALLY miss it! I'm so glad that you do not have to clean the bathrooms, but could you send him back home once a week to do mine! :)