Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mister Turns One!

I have been quite a bit busier than usual and have been meaning to post....we had a huge event in our household on Sunday... Carson turned ONE!

This year has flown by!

Despite my best efforts, I was a bit emotional all morning on Carson's birthday. I thought back to the fateful day 10 years ago when I was told that my chances of having a baby were less than 5%. I thought off all the prayers, tears, and oh let's not forget shots in the hopes that we could have a baby. Justin likes to remind me of the night I had to do the first shots. This was before the bigger needles even (in fact it was so tiny you could barely see it). I completely flipped out, I said I refused and would not come in the house... I was so scared of needles. I sat crying on the porch and told him we would have to save more money so we could adopt. (To my credit I had been on crazy hormones on and off forever already!) Now I look at my boy and I am so happy that I "stuck" it out--literally. I was traveling about 3 weeks a month then and by the end I was giving myself the huge needle shots in hotel rooms in between meetings. Yeah, the ones the Fertility Clinic said only a nurse going through it had done it for herself before. But, it was either that or go ask room service to do it for me and start the whole stinkin' process again!

Anyway, enough of that... time for some cute pics:

How precious! This is when he was still so happy about his first birthday...mesmerized by the candle and everyone singing to him...

This is after. My child is terrified by cupcakes now that his parents let him put the candle out with his fingers. I mean, seriously, could we not see this coming? We put a lighted candle within reach. Poor guy....
Please note the cute hat I made him for his birthday.. and for a few more braggin rights I made a banner too:

We had Nana, Grandpa Mark, Uncle Nick and Aunt Essie, Liesel, Andrew and Shannon and Genesis at the party. We made fun hats, played, opened presents, and had cake. It was a great time:


Steve said...

I have to say those are the cutest pictures even when he is sad.