Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sailor Boy

Carson's Uncle Cody has joined the Navy and gave him this hat. Carson is very proud of the hat. He did not want to take it off the other day. I would take it off and he would get a very serious look and put it back on.
On the flip side, I put a headband with a big flower on his head as well. I was not trying to torture him, I purchased it for someone else and wanted to see it on. He was very very proud. He sat up straight and tall and smiled. When I took it off he kept attempting to put it back on and became very frustrated when he could not do it.
I knew if Dad saw, I would be forced to go back to work while he stayed home with Carson. No more of those shenanigans.

(I do have to say he looked very pretty with the flower but I do prefer him looking like a boy)