Sunday, October 12, 2008

Food Storage

No, this is not a picture of my food storage. Wouldn't you have been so impressed though?

The truth is, we are just now starting to focus on our family food storage. Better late than never right?

Up until recently, we had several 72 hour kits, two buckets of dehydrated foods from Costco ( I highly recommend in case of a grab and go emergency) and that was the extent.

So, I went online to , filled out the calculator and form for the basic items we would need for 3 months and figured I could just go pick it up at the Distribution Center. Right? Wrong. It is much much more complicated.

I am now in the research and act mode and need your help! We did go to Macey's the other day and purchased some things but I am SO overwhelmed.

Comment about ideas, suggestions, things that worked for you. I will update my blog and hopefully help someone else as I journey on my quest for adequate food storage.

In the meantime, if you have a one year supply...give me your address so I can include it on the list of homes to camp out at in an emergency!


Liz said...

Our food storage is still in the works, but what works really well for me is just stocking up on things that are on sale, especially at case lot sales. When Cheerios are cheap, for example, I buy a bunch and stash all but the one box we'll eat that week. I really like a lot of things from the dry pack and cannery, but they are often in sizes that are hard for us to use. I'm trying to treat our food storage more like an extended pantry for now and build up several months worth of things we eat all the time, with the goal that it actually gets rotated. And the bonus is that I end up doing less grocery shopping, leading to less impulse buying. But if you are going to the cannery--get the hot chocolate, dry milk, dried onions, loganberry jam, salsa, canned chicken, and honey. Stay away from spaghetti sauce, peach jam, and puddings. Do I get the record for longest comment ever?

Paula said...

The cannery is what I have done, and love it! It doesn't take long at all. Most of the dried items are good for up to 25 years, so no need to rotate. I have the rice, sugar, apple slices (very delicious), oats, potato flakes and beans. My ward has a food storage blog at which has some good ideas as well. Good luck!
p.s. if you ever want someone to go to the cannery with... call me!

Alayna said...

My mother is the food storage/emergency preparedness guru. I gave her your blog addy and told her to help you!

Hannah said...

Hi, I found your blog when I was googling food storage!

If you need any extra help, or tips, feel free to check out our blog! It's a step-by-step guide for beginners and non-beginners. We post weekly recipes (using only food storage food), and we also gather longer-term storage items every month (we rotate items each month). I'm sure we can help you out!

Food storage used to be really overwhelming to me too, but now that I know what I'm doing it's actually fun! Good luck - I hope you like our blog!

Hannah @

jayna said...

april... i have a list sitting right next to me that is a week by week approach to food storage. if you send me an email, (i may remember on my own) then i will send it tomorrow. i think it's fabulous. and yes, harder than it sounds to put together. costco is great as well for getting a lot for a little. ;)