Thursday, October 30, 2008

Exciting Week

We have had an exciting week and it is not even Halloween yet. Here are some highlights: Last night the young women put on a party for the primary. It was quite fun but also quite possibly the longest hour and half of my life. I got into the spirit with my witch hat!

The cutest was that our group put on musical chairs... there were a few boys who would try to offer their chair when a little girl did not get one. Apparently chivalry took precedence over competition. Someone is raising those boys right!

Oh, here I am in the hat again! Carson and I went to Gardner village with all the cousins, aunts, nana, great grandma and crew! They have witch displays everywhere! It was a great time. I, of course, picked up another witch hat and started stylin' it.

Here we all are at Archibald's. If you ever go there, you must try the Garlic Lemon Chicken... fabulous! Carson ended up eating most of Liesel's mac n cheese. I brought my hand grinder and we were all set.

Lesson that I learned this week: Gone are the days of laying him down for a nap and he is out. I heard him chatting away and this is what I discovered. He was pulling off his red socks and wacking the little animals on his mobile. Since then I have found that white socks are not quite as tempting.
He also waves bye bye to his mobile animals as they pass by. He has loved them since day one. As soon as I turn the mobile on he starts flapping his arms and getting SO EXCITED!
We also had to raise up his crib this week since his attempts at climbing out.
That's my little mister!