Sunday, May 18, 2008

Thoughts on Nursing

Well, I only have a few minutes until Justin needs to go to a meeting. Therefore I won't go into ALL my thoughts on nursing but I would like to state a few!

Every place of business should be legally obligated to have a place that you can nurse comfortably and in privacy.

We had a fabulous time Friday night going bowling and out to dinner with some friends. Nana was babysitting Carson so he was having a grand ol' time as well. Halfway through the night I needed to pump in order to avoid squirting someone in the eye when I got overly excited about my strike.

I brought my nice, portable pump into the women's restroom and went into the handicapped stall. There the stress began. Where to lay the pump and where to sit? Well, I did not want to sit on a nasty toilet seat for the entire 10 minutes of pumping and I did not want any of the pump parts to touch anything gross in the bathroom. Let's just say it was uncomfortable and awkward to get the job done. I half squatted, perched and sweated.

Where do I go to get some laws to pass to help out nursing mothers. After all, we are just trying to feed our babies!