Wednesday, May 28, 2008

April May: Master Gardener

So yesterday I learned that "annuals" does not mean that they will bloom "annually". Here I have been diligently watering and weeding my geraniums from last year. Everyone kept saying things were blooming late this year so I thought they were just a little late. Luckily, my kind neighbor with a green thumb educated me yesterday after I complained that my flowers were just not coming back. She inquired "Didn't you plant annuals last year?" I confidently replied "Yes."... well, the rest was a little embarrassing.
I will be pulling my dead roots out today and begging my husband to go flower shopping to save some embarrassment. My neighbors must have had a good laugh watching me out there!


Natalie said...

that is so funny! it took me awhile to figure out that concept, too :)

Esther said...

At least you thought about having flowers. I am not that far yet this year.

Nana said...

Sheeshh.. I totally agree!

ANNUAL (an yoo el) adj 1. a book that is published regulary once every year 2. occuring or payable every year, i.e.: "an annual trip to Paris"

Goes to show that whoever named them had to be dyslexic ...

Here's how I remember: PERENNIAL starts with a "P" which stands for "PAULA" and is the one that shows up every year.