Monday, May 12, 2008

Girls Night

Well, I did it! I was not sure how I would do leaving Carson for the night (with his daddy) but it was very fun! Susie, Brit and I went up to Park City for the night on Saturday. We had such a great time. I am so grateful to my friends who always understand me and are so supportive and CRAZY and FUN!

Our day started by going to lunch and then shopping at the outlets. Then, we went up to our room at Silver King (by the Alpine Slide). Our room was awesome! It had a full size jacuzzi IN THE ROOM and a bedroom, living room, and kitchen and two bathrooms. We had decided to go into Park City to do more things but after seeing the room we just went on a drive through Park City and then to the grocery store for junk food. We wanted to spend the rest of the time in our hot tub, watching chick flix and pigging out!
Here is a sample of our menu: oreo cookie shakes with cookie dough, salsa and chips, chocolate almonds, doughnuts, muffins, jalapeno poppers, diet dr pepper --had to get the diet, chocolate meltaways, reduced fat wheat thins--for our girlish figures, and a cheese ball. I am sure there was more because we all had stomachaches that night!

Here is a post hot tub pic after we were all wrinkly and steamed up!
We called the next day and asked for a late checkout. We were enjoying our chick flix so much and after all it was Mother's Day so we deserved a break, right?
My wonderful husband was so great! He had cleaned up the house, took care of Carson, and got me presents! The guilt I was starting to feel went away when I saw how happy Carson was hanging out with dad! He is sure the best dad. This was the best first Mother's Day anyone could ask for.