Friday, May 23, 2008

Mom Jeans

Ok! I finally get it. For years I wondered why moms bought those ugly high waisted jeans that make your butt look flat and look like they are holding up "the girls". I purchased my first pair of Gloria Vanderbilt capris from Costco the other day and I actually had someplace to tuck in my jelly belly. All of the sudden, having your bum look cute takes less priority than storing the excess baby belly. When I try to wear my old jeans (most of which still don't fit) they are so low waisted that my postpartum stretched out flabby belly just kind of hangs in a mass lump. It is so HOT! Really. Not to mention when you sit down in the low waisted jeans you don't just see a cute little crack like on those teen girls but a muffin top back with wonderful stretch marks on the hips. So, moms out there, I am so sorry for judging you and your supposed lack of fashion sense for so many years! I get it. Tuck it in and cover it up. And then something I learned on dance team years ago when I was the only one who could not do the splits.... the bigger you smile the less likely anyone will look anywhere but your face.


Alayna said...

Oh my heavens kill me! I love your posts. Just out of curiosity, where did you get your to-die-for template?

Nana said...

April, you are hilarious! I've never heard it described in such depth and detail before..however it DOES make a point!

Nana said...

p.s. love the guy in the pic. I wonder if he's on LDS Singles..