Monday, July 13, 2009

Still Catching Up!

Spent the 4th with the buffaloes this year. Eatin' em, admiring 'em and taking pics with them on Grandpa Marks' farm.
The whole May fam was in town for Marlo's funeral. It was nice to get all of the great grandkids together for the first time.
I got to spend some time riding around on the Rhino with the kids. No, folks, do not worry Mark has not purchased a real rhino at any auctions as of late. However, it is a fun vehicle to ride around the farm on. I think I may have had more of a blast than the kids.
Unfortunately, J and I had been up all night the night before cause Carson was not feeling we were in bed before the fireworks.
But this is Utah, so 4th of July #2 is only weeks away!