Thursday, May 7, 2009

We Saw Wicked!

I have been so busy that I have not blogged about it yet but J and I were fortunate enough to see Wicked at the Capitol Theatre!
It was FABULOUS and that is an understatement.
I have wanted to see it and had a few chances that never ended up working out. Almost paid $400 a ticket to see it in New York while on a work trip but that trip got cancelled.
Thanks to Nikki who came through and got us in on her season tickets sweet deal. We purchased the tickets last summer and I have been excited ever since.
Honestly... I highly recommend it to anyone, even if you are not a theater person.
Wicked is now a close second to my absolute favorite Les Miserables--but truly Les Miserables is untouchable in my book.
So, if you have a chance...go see it! Oh, but don't read the book. I started once, but it had puppet porn in it and I put it down. Very weird. I did hear it got better but I couldn't handle it.