Monday, May 18, 2009

First Hike and Cabin Excursion

We took Carse on his first hike for Mother's Day weekend. Some friends let us borrow their "hiking backpack" for him. He spent about 2 minutes in it before he decided it was way more fun on the ground. I was very impressed with his "hiking" ability. Granted, there was not too much of an incline but Carson walked the majority of the 1.6 miles by himself. It took several hours because there were many distractions but it was so much fun!
This last weekend, my sis, her boyfriend and my adorable nephew came to visit! We went up to Grandpa Marks cabin and had a blast! We rented an ATV and it was definitely the highlight of the trip. I love seeing my boy outside, he is just totally content like his daddy!
Just a note: Cute Little Baron is not so little, he is 6 1/2 months compared to Carson's 16 months and they weigh the same! That noggin alone is at least a full pound!
We had a few exciting "mis" adventures... Carson pulled a hose on the ATV and the guys "fixed" it which caused the ATV to shut down in random locations--like when I was out by myself. The Bronco got a flat. And so on.. but we had a wonderful relaxing time.
We finished the trip by taking the long route through Heber--gorgeous and ending on the Olympic Park Zipline in Jeremy Ranch. We all did the EXTREME Zipline--pics to come later! I about passed out from fear--Justin says it is the most expensive ride ever since the only way I got on in the end is when he promised to buy Carson this yard helicopter teeter totter from Costco:0