Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Underage Driver

How did we get here? Carson eating breakfast, lunch and dinner in his new car?

It all started with this. Justin let Carson pretend to drive the redneck truck in the garage one day. See that smile? Should have known life as we knew it was over. At the time, he had never seen a stick shift so it was a microphone. I think he drove that truck for an hour before we brought him in kicking and screaming.Life will never be the same. Every single car...yes every one he passes he whines and cries at. Parking lots are nightmares for us. He believes he should drive every car he sees. The good news? Rainy days are so much fun. I get to sit in the car, listen to my country while Carson drives me to far off lands. Every walk we go on means chasing him up people's driveways as he cries to get in their cars. So we got this. Loves it. He also got to drive Grandpa Mark's jeep out on his property. yes, really drive. I am not sure who was more or the buffalo. Of course, this experience convinced him that he really should drive every car he sees.

This is where we shop now. I changed grocery stores to keep him happy. have the world revolve around you:)

This is at Discovery Gateway. Again, kicking and screaming to get him to leave. However, I was proud of how he held his ground to much bigger boys. Don't mess with the Driver. He was not turning over that wheel to anyone.
My favorite was Mother's Day though. I was sitting at the computer when my special delivery car (pushed by Daddy) pulled up. Out the window he handed me a card, some candy, and then my very first coloring picture ever made by Carson. It was adorable.
Now if I could only get him to run to the store for me.


mrsapplejuice said...

He is so cute (and his obsession with cars is pretty funny). It may be a good sign he doesn't care what kind of car it is. That could save you a lot of money when he turns 16 and wants help buying a real car :-)

Patty said...

April, this is adorable. So are you and Carson!

flibbertigibbet said...

So dang cute. Carson and Grant need to get together and share current obsessions.

Spencer said...

I think the kid likes cars. I think he should get a Z, or at least a mini, or lowercase z...just my opinion. He is adorable! But you already knew that.