Monday, December 22, 2008


I will update with pics after I get home so I can download on my computer...BUT, Carson and I arrived safely in Washington on Thursday morning following a big storm here. We arrived right in the window in between crazy storms where roads and bridges and stores were all closing down.

We have mostly been snowed in with the fam...but having a great time! Carson LOVES his cousins.. All the sudden he is not the baby anymore, there are two younger than him and he is the 'big boy' who plays with Shawn jr. They are all over the place together, Shawn even had him playing "clone wars' yesterday and Carson took him on with his light saber "wooden spoon" and began mimicking the sound effects.

Carson has been singing A LOT, trying to walk, and having the greatest time. We are hoping and praying Daddy will be able to fly in as the airport has closed intermittently. This is the most snow that Washington has seen since I was Carson's age. But if there is one thing we can not control it is the weather so we are just having a good time and hoping for the best.

See everyone soon!