Thursday, December 11, 2008

11 months old today!

Can you believe it? Mister is going to be one year old in one month! Updates:
1.5 teeth
Pulling himself up on anything
Favorite food: Jamba Juice-after the first time he had it, he recognizes the cup and freaks out! He has had it twice now
Favorite game: Peek a Boo or anytime you scare him
Loves to hum along while you sing
Loves it when you count and point...he starts pointing and going "do do do"
Scared of: washing machines, the beep trucks make while backing up, vacuum cleaner
--these noise fears are recent but it is so cute because he crawls to us as fast as he can and buries his head in our lap. Since they are doing construction behind our house this happens frequently. We have to hide the vacuum, otherwise he can not concentrate on anything except staring it down. Occasionally, he will approach it, touch it and then take off crawling as fast as he can. The daredevil.
Current weight: ALMOST 17 lbs.. but seriously, he eats ANYTHING!
Tickle zones: neck and armpits
Still loves to fake sneeze
Reads about 10 books a day.. boy genius. Actually, it is the only way to settle him for a nap but he will sit and let you read to him forever. Future book clubber for sure. Who said they were for girls?
Best 11 months of my life!


guruburu said...

omg the cutest baby i seen 1!!!
and you just made me crave a jamba juice lol

flibbertigibbet said...

SO totally cute. I'm excited to see him next week. We need to have you all over for dinner some Sunday in January.