Thursday, June 26, 2008

My New Hobby

One thing I have noticed since I have been a stay at home mom for the last couple of months is how unorganized my house is. Well, I guess I always noticed but it was easier to forget about when I was jumping on a plane and staying at a hotel all the time. But now it is driving me crazy!
Justin always thought I went a little crazy with the food cupboard. Occasionally, I just pulled everything out and put it in perfect rows with labels facing out. Nothing alphabetical or anything. It made me feel SO GOOD after.
Now though I have all these organization goals but I get so frustrated... I love organization but I am terrible at getting it done. I get too overwhelmed. Even at work I used to want those nice little files and everything in its proper place but it would never work out.
All of this leads me to my new hobby...looking up pictures of organized rooms. Seriously. One of my favorite websites is check out their showroom! It is what dreams are made of. I get so excited to look at all the rooms and closets and dream of the closets of my future. Unfortunately that is all I do. I have no idea where to start and Carson does not really let me work on any projects for too long.
Oh yeah and if these closets get you try or else just do google searches for "organization"....
Maybe I need a professional.


Mrs Applejuice said...

You are not crazy at all...or maybe we're both in need of professional help. I've been to both of those websites in the past week to admire the organized room photos! Maybe we need to start a club of swap REALISTIC and AFFORDABLE organization tips.

In the mean time, how are you and the fam?

jayna said...

lol. i love being organized as well and it can be so overwhelming. i finally dedicated one room to zero organization (for now) until i can get the rest of it together. i just found a spot for my food storage and little by little my house is becoming organized!! good luck! i'm going to check out that website.