Friday, June 6, 2008

Eyebrow Waxing

Yesterday I got my eyebrows waxed. I love getting my eyebrows waxed! Seriously. I may the only person in the world who gets so excited for it. Not just because of the end result either. I actually enjoy the pain. Weird huh? I love to lay back with anticipation, the smell of the wax, how it is all warm going on, the paper that they gently pat onto the wax. Then... ripppp! Adrenaline rush. It takes all of my self control not to ask to see the paper after they are done. Why would I want to see it? I don't know. But, I tried waxing at home before and it was a goopy mess but I was thrilled to see the little hairs on the strip after. Call me crazy.

The best part is that it is still tingling and hurting a bit and then they put that amazing creme on it. The creme smells great and sometimes I even get some baby powder after too. That is the best!

What I don't like is when the person waxing has stinky breath! That is horrible. You would think if you were up in someone's face all day you would make sure and brush and floss. Unfortunately, 9 times out of 10 that is not the case though. It can ruin a truly wonderful experience. I also had a recent experience where it was very close to time to feed Carson and the lady waxing my brows leaned over me and put her elbow on my breast. She actually had her weight leaning on me. Quite uncomfortable.

Waxing your lip is quite the opposite. First of all, I usually don't tell them I want my lip waxed as well until we get into the room. The reason? Well, whatever you are getting done seems to get repeated to the whole salon...very loudly! Now, most women probably need to do something to take care of that little business that tends to creep up on us, but for some reason it is still embarrassing! We don't even like to admit it to each other. So, once in the room I will casually say, "Oh, can you wax my lip too?" I am even embarrassed to ask the ladies who do the waxing. The women who work at the salon that I go to are from Vietnam and they have the smoothest faces ever. I am sure they are thinking... poor hairy girl. How did she ever catch a husband?
The pain on your lip is not the same and then they always do that last so I have to go out and pay looking like I just drank a gallon of red kool-aid. And everyone stares. Everytime. Sometimes I want to yell, "OK! So I got my lip waxed! Maybe you should do that sometime instead of sitting in your pedicure chairs staring at me!"


Alayna said...

Oh my word, you are crazy! Waxing hurts! I have only done it a few times because of that. However, I need to do it all the time because I am VERY hairy. Oh the joys of being a woman...