Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lots Of Updates

First off, having a toddler in the house is more fun than anything I have ever experienced. I can't imagine not having one EVER! This pic is because Carson became obsessed with some little red foam pad that was in Daddy's computer box. It even became a pillow on the front porch, he washed the floor with it, and put Kitty on it as well.
Oh, you may not have met Kitty yet. He is a member of the family now. Don't worry, our allergies prevent a real kitty. But my mom brought this on her trip for Carse and he eats, sleeps and plays with him. It is a good thing he washes well, he took a chocolate milk bath yesterday.

We have had many adventures in the last couple of weeks. We went to the Bennion Ranch and then the May cabin. Carson loves it and travels so well!
Carson also has an excellent internal clock. This is him at 5:40 everyday. He knows Daddy will be home anytime. Sometimes Daddy does not get home until 6:00. It is the longest 20 minutes of the day.
Carson's driving obsession continues. It has extended to motorcycles and helicopters. But NOTHING Tops the "Big Red" that Grandma Bennion got for all of the grandkids. The entire time at the ranch and cabin he was wanting to drive. We ended up taking him on two drives that last around two hours and finally getting him to fall asleep.
He is now obsessed with keys as well. Well, he realizes you need those to drive. So, he pretends to reach in his pocket and pull out a key and drive anything that resembles handlebars or a steering wheel.
Yesterday I watched him put my car key in his pb&j sandwich and turn in over and over making a motor noise. We also spent a very long time looking for my car key which ended up being in the silverware drawer:)
I have so many stores of my entertaining little guy! I wish I could record every moment and spend my retirement years watching them over and over!