Thursday, August 6, 2009

Washington Trip

This was take #543...amazing huh? The other pics are funnier, with parents arms in, Carson crying because he didn't want to share the wagon, I think there may have been a bit of pinching, kissing, and grabbing.
From left to right- Shawn Jr 4 yrs, Baron 9 mos, Xarik 14 mos, Carson 18 mos, and Brooke 4 mos. While they look like we dosed them with Benadryl for the pic, it was actually quite a busy time with all these babies.
We all went camping and it was a blast! I was impressed with how well Carson did sleeping in a tent but I should remember he is his father's son and if he is outdoors he is happy.
He tried so hard to keep up with his cousin and ended up with a forehead full of bruises, a scraped up chin, and no skin left on his knees. At one point he had such a huge bruise on his forehead we were calling him Cyclops. But he was not deterred and had a great time!
Usually you go to Wash for milder weather, but temps reached all time records of 109 degrees with lots of humidity and not much air conditioning. Thank goodness for the hot tub turned "cold" tub or we would have all fainted.
While it was hectic, it was so much fun having all the boys together. And Brookie of course. She will either be spoiled rotten or one tough cookie... we are waiting to find out!


Jill said...

Seriously, how cute is that !!!