Monday, February 9, 2009

Who is This Kid?

Who is this little boy and where did he put my baby?
Carson is just about 13 months now and everyday I am amazed at how much he acts like a little boy.
Just a few of the things I adore about my boy:
He can now take about six or seven steps, they are usually at a near run and full of excitement
He stops, sits up on his knees and reaches up for me with the cutest look of anticipation
He says "Hot!" a lot-- I think I scared him a bit one day when he was about to touch the stove and my arms were full
He already gives people courtesy is really hilarious
He has a picture of Jesus in his all pics are "Shee-shush".. he likes to point and say it
He loves peas--thanks to Karen for introducing him. I hate peas so I did not give him any previously
Bath time is the highlight of his days, but always ends in a screaming, back throwing fit (dad calls him a crayfish for all of his flopping)
He loves to give kisses... I get a lot of them. Sometimes open mouthed, sometimes not. Always when he is appreciating something I am doing for him, he gets that tender look and goes in for the kill. Girls better watch out in the future.
Nobody is as cool as daddy, he watches his every move
He makes me laugh about 5000 times a day, that is good for anyone's health
He loves to cuddle and still nuzzles in the spot between my shoulder and neck
We dance everyday, he is getting quite good. Maybe a dancing with the stars candidate in the future
He has an amazing level of concentration and I swear he is figuring out how everything works
As always, those big, beautiful, trusting, loving, I have the world at my feet eyes.


Paula said...

After not seeing Carson for three weeks, I was truly amazed at how much he had changed! I saw him walk (actually run) for the first time Sunday. From now on, you are really going to have your hands full! He is sooo cute!

Theresa Bride said...

Oh what a handsome "little man" he is!!
His Gaga just can't wait to see him!!!xxxxoooo til then
I love you Carson!!!