Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

It is here! Happy Thanksgiving. I am grateful for SO MANY things this year. My husband, my boy, my family and friends....
I am also grateful that all I have to worry about this morning is making apple crisp. Despite the fact that one day I would like to host Thanksgiving at my home, I am very relieved to not be stressed out today.
I am grateful my husband and I are not stuck in the snow on the mountain while his family enjoys dinner at the cabin and we savor one granola bar. True story folks. Our first Thanksgiving married we excitedly decided to go up to J's dads cabin and went four wheelin in the Bronco while the turkey was cooking. My husband was a little too daring, we got stuck. We would shovel ourselves out with an ice scraper, drive one wheel turn and get stuck again. It was getting dark before his dad found us.
I am grateful that I can hear my husband in the kitchen explaining to our 10 month old why we should always celebrate cute!
I am grateful for big eyes that light up and my boy loving to give me "kisses" already.
I am grateful for a mirror that I can slant at just the right angle to convince myself that it is ok to indulge a little more!
I am grateful for Victoria Secret boyfriend fit sweats... so comfy. My poor husband has already learned not to get excited when I come home with a bag from Victoria Secret.
I am grateful for the internet but miss the dewey decimal system and hours in the library... I am a true nerd at heart.
I am grateful for books and Ruth Finch who let me come shop at her closing book store the other day and pick out anything I wanted....for free! A bookworms' dream:)
I am grateful for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints... the gospel has blessed my life immeasurably.