Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Little Sis

My baby sis... She is ten years younger than me, so who would have thought that she would be having her first baby the same year as me? Yep, she is due November 23rd. Kristin will be turning 23 on July 18th, so she is she is old enough but she is SUCH THE BABY of the family!
I adore my little sister. We have so much fun together and Carson just loves to cuddle up to her and get a break from the rest of us. We found out a few days before I was going to Washington that she will be having a baby boy! So three new boys in the family all in the same year.
You can't tell from this picture but Kris is totally pissed at me here. We decided to go to this little festival in Orting on the 4th. Well, it was very TINY and not too exciting but I wanted to stay and she wanted to go (we have been through this a time or two). She pouted and whined the whole time until we left... but she was over it as soon as we got in the car. This was the only pic I got that day where she kinda cracked a smile. It is easy to feel like you are ten again when you are with your family. I think my mom told me twenty times that day not to pick on my sister:

I have to throw in a cute pic with Carson in his cowboy hat. It was almost dress code at this event. Actually, red suspenders were all the rage. I am not sure if it was a logging town or what